20% off all of our Chef Jackets and Pants products

We are currently offering our second Pre-Christmas special with 20% off all of our Chef Jackets and Pants products.

The Christmas Special is already applied across all of our Chef Jackets and Pants products so you do not need to enter any coupon codes.

Also any orders over $100 will receive FREE shipping!!

This deal is valid until the end of December, […]

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How Much Does it Cost for a Full Set of Chef Uniforms?

Respectable chefs, as well as apprentices, are given more credit when they have adequate kitchen attire.  They need a full set of chef uniforms if they aim to be 100% professional. First of all, what exactly are we referring to when saying a ‘full set’? Not all definitions are the same. The requirements depend on the venue or the […]

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Well Known Chef Uniforms Used in Competitions and Who Makes Them?

Chef uniforms used in competitions are required to be relevant to a certain set of rules and standards. However, besides the professional looks, these must help competitors stand out and be different.


A famous competition chef uniform is the Traditional Fit Chef Coat, which has knotted cloth buttons. These are made of a quality poly-cotton blend that makes them comfortable […]

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Kitchen Aprons

Who knew there would be so many styles of kitchen aprons to choose from? This protective garment has been, like all other garments, subject to trend changes and style variations. Many people perceive an apron as an understatement when they think of the image it conveys, but it doesn’t have to be so. These can be decorative and very […]

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Hospitality Uniforms

We may not always be aware of it, but we see hospitality uniforms so often. These are the visual elements that distinguish certain professionals from the rest. Uniforms are also a company’s or brand’s way to affirm and strengthen their image.
When we refer to hospitality staff, we say:

Waiting staff (waiters, waitresses)
Hosts and hostesses
Spa personnel
Housekeeping staff etc.

Why Are Hospitality Uniforms […]

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Where Do I Get a Chef Coat in Melbourne?

You want your work attire to be a reflection of your status. Chefs have years of schooling behind them and some of them have done this their entire lives. A way to show this experience, status and respectability is to wear a suitable coat. This not only raises one’s work satisfaction levels, but also benefits the business itself, boosting […]

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Excellent Embroidery for Personalized Chef Uniforms

Going to the top chef schools in the world may give your chefs the credentials to become master chefs, but how do you help them to stand out from the rest in your kitchen? The secret to showing off this prestigious title is the way that your chef looks. You want the man or woman that runs your kitchen […]

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What you Wear Could Affect How Well You Work

Every professional job demands a certain kind of dress code depending on the type of job they are doing. Like, businessmen usually wear suits or tuxedos as they are involved in business meetings with their clients from time to time, doctors usually wear a white coat/lab coat, software professionals are required to dress formally to their workplace, etc. But […]

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Why is it Important to Wear an Apron when cooking?

Cooking is an enjoyable hobby, but what people detest the most about cooking is the mess it creates. Cleaning up the kitchen is hard work but what if you have food particles on yourself as well, this is one of the most obvious reasons as to why people wear an apron, however there are quite a few underlying reasons […]

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What Makes You a Professional Chef?

Presentation of the cooked food

Presentation is one of the most important skills required in a professional chef. Most chefs can cook tasty food, but what really sets a master professional chef apart is the ability to make the food look irresistible as well.

Creativity in preparing new dishes

A professional chef is creative with the food he cooks. He is not […]

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