Kitchen Aprons

Who knew there would be so many styles of kitchen aprons to choose from? This protective garment has been, like all other garments, subject to trend changes and style variations. Many people perceive an apron as an understatement when they think of the image it conveys, but it doesn’t have to be so. These can be decorative and very pretty or even elegant.

The Various Apron Types

The bib type is the most common and useful one, as it covers both the lower and upper body. Cobbler aprons cover the front and the back. The tuxedo apron is the most elegant of all. It is actually styled to look like a tuxedo and is preferred by most posh restaurants. The bistro aprons have pockets, which adds functionality.

The Embellishments

An apron is usually described as a very simple piece of clothing. It can be embellished in many ways, though. Take a look at vintage ads and you might see frills, ribbons and other such additions to make aprons pretty. If that’s not appropriate to you, you may opt for a print. Patterns or graphics are very popular and you can choose anything you need to print on the fabric. For men, a popular option is to have a print of the favorite superhero’s costume. Some aprons can be enhanced by adding a fabric edge in a different, contrasting color.

How to Make the Most of It

Want to create your own custom apron? Then you can look for a specialized online service. It will take acre of all the details we mentioned and more. You may even add your monogram to it, as print or embroidery. Then, whether you are using the apron in a restaurant’s kitchen or in your own, at home, it’s a good idea to make its color suit what you have around. It can be a matching or a contrasting one.

In other words, you can get really creative with your kitchen apron. It will help you have a more pleasant time as you get that food done.

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