All Styles of Apron and Which Styles Suit You Best?

 Apron styles? Most of us are not aware of their existence; we simply believe there is only one type of apron and why should there be any other version? After all, this item has only one purpose: to protect the clothing of chefs, kitchen workers, and cooks from getting stained.

Depending on the level of coverage, on the additional features one may be needing or on the intended use, aprons come in different styles. We can define these based on the wearer’s job and thus we have cook’s aprons, gardener’s, chemist’s, welder’s and carpenter’s apron, as well as the lead apron used in medical facilities against X-rays and the home use apron.

Apron Styles

Bib – Made to cover the front side of the upper body. It can be tied around the waist and also around the neck in halter-style.

Bungalow – This apron has sleeves like a kimono and is not tied around the body.

Cobbler – It is used to cover both the front and the back of the upper body. It has fasteners on the side. Some models may have buttons.

Pinafore – This one is known as a full apron because it looks like a jumper dress. It has no sleeves; can be tied or buttoned up on the back. It begins right at the neck and, while other aprons may have narrow shoulder straps, this has very wide ones to cover that area.

Tuxedo – These aprons looks like bib ones, only that they’re also similar in style to a tuxedo and thus a lot more elegant. The style is popular with waiters in restaurants, high end ones especially.

Waist – A very simple apron, it doesn’t go above the waist. Can be long to the knees or have full length.

There may be other details to differentiate aprons, such as fabric type or edges/trimming. Some have added functionality through interior or exterior pockets. Thus, an apron becomes more than protection wear. It is a tool as well.

How to Choose Aprons

Whether the acquisition is for your own use or for the employees in a company, you should know how to select just the right kind of apron. It’s the following questions that need to be answered:

  • How much of the body needs to be covered? – It will help you figure out the length for the apron part that’s below the waist, as well as the upper part style and size.
  • Where will you be using it?
  • What other requirements are there? Will you be wearing the apron in a public place? Does it need to convey the image of a business like a restaurant, for example?
  • Does it require monogramming or any other kind of customization?
  • What colour should it be?

If you are looking for aprons online, the best way to do a search is by using the type you are interested in – for example, ‘bib apron’. Some manufacturers even create aprons with various kinds of ties. Let the aforementioned criteria and your own taste guide you when buying.

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