Funny Aprons for Home Cooking

Is cooking a rather boring business to you? Or perhaps you’re a frequent host for barbeques? A good way to spice up the routine and impressed your guests is to get some funny or unusual kitchen attire. Start right now with your apron – we’ll give you some fine suggestions for funny aprons for home cooks.

Character Aprons

The superhero print is a big trend these days. You can get a standard superman or Spiderman look, among others. Or, you could opt for a muscular stripper torso to be printed on your apron. If you’re a man and wear an upper body apron, you’ll be the coolest at your barbeque party.

Title Aprons

Do you actually have a sense of humor and don’t deem kitchen titles as sexist? Then you can get an apron with stereotypical titles such as ‘trophy wife’. There are also non-gender related titles, such as ‘pieologist’, if you feel you have a skill to boast about (or not).

Movie Puns

Have you seen ‘the Grillfather’ yet? There is an apron with that, it’s got the well-known ‘The Godfather’ logo, but changed to Grillfather. Online, you will find many more examples like this.


Feeling like a disaster in the kitchen? Your guests are entitled to know that. Inform them with a funny warning printed on your apron. You will come across many such phrases, out of which ‘eat at your own risk’ seems the best one. Or, if you are feeling unsocial, ‘does not cook well with others’ is the funny way to show them you’d better not have company when cooking.

If you choose a funny message or image on your apron, you might enjoy loads of fun at your party when you cook, since it could spark many entertaining conversations and jokes.

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