How Much Does it Cost for a Full Set of Chef Uniforms?

Respectable chefs, as well as apprentices, are given more credit when they have adequate kitchen attire.  They need a full set of chef uniforms if they aim to be 100% professional. First of all, what exactly are we referring to when saying a ‘full set’? Not all definitions are the same. The requirements depend on the venue or the event (competitions, for example). A full set could mean a chef coat, a pair of trousers, a hat, an apron and a neckerchief.

You can have a look at our Australia’s Top Chef Uniforms store to see more about these pieces and their prices. Here, a student chef kit starts at $78, which contains one white traditional chef jacket, a set of buttons for the jacket, one pair of chef pants, also traditional, a neckerchief and a chef box hat. Apron prices begin at $4 for a simple waist piece, while hats are priced at $11. for a chef jacket you will pay between $30 and $48. Trousers price tags start at $28.95 for a basic traditional check print pair or a draw string one.

Besides, shipping incurs the same costs, no matter how big the order is with the Top Chef Uniforms service. You will benefit of working gear that complies with the current standards, is easy to keep in good shape and also looks complimenting, especially as the company can make uniforms tailored for men, as well as ones for women.

If you do not wish a full set or the company you work for requires a specific set of items, note that you can order whatever you wish on the website. Only the student set is a readily made one. You can mix and match the rest of the items as desired and even customize each piece.

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