What you Wear Could Affect How Well You Work

Every professional job demands a certain kind of dress code depending on the type of job they are doing. Like, businessmen usually wear suits or tuxedos as they are involved in business meetings with their clients from time to time, doctors usually wear a white coat/lab coat, software professionals are required to dress formally to their workplace, etc. But do you think that this apparel has an influence on the way we work? Let’s find out.

There are many among us who are against the idea of being assessed on our work ability based on our appearances. But believe it or not, based on recent studies and surveys, it has been found that the way we dress does really affect the way we perform in the place where we work. If we feel good about the way we look, it automatically gets reflected on our way of thinking and execution of our work. Looking good can also make us self-confident and serve our customers better. Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at the hospitality industry for instance.

Similar to the professional jobs, restaurant jobs too have particular rules regarding the kind of dress or uniforms they have to wear for different positions they hold in this industry. Uniforms help in differentiating a customer from an employee. Here’s a few facts about the costumes worn by chefs and cooks at the restaurants/hotels:

Heat resilient jackets

It’s quite common for the chefs in this industry to wear a particular uniform like a double-breasted jacket that’s white in color as white resists the heat from the stove and other similar equipments instead of soaking it up. The head chef’s uniform might differ from those of the other fellow chefs who work under him so as to make him easily identifiable.

Pleated tall hat also known as toque

Depending on the experience and position they hold, chefs wear a pleated white hat that is sometimes tall in order to keep their head cool from the hot temperature in the kitchen. Hats are also worn by the cooks so as to avoid sweat and hair from the head to fall into the food whilst cooking.

Aprons to protect from oil spills

White aprons are also worn so as to protect the garments from food and oil stains, as chefs are involved in cooking with so many ingredients in the kitchen throughout the day.  So it makes the chefs feel at ease and they are more comfortable to do their job without having to worry about spoiling their clothes.

Comfortable and formal black shoes

Chefs wear formal shoes that are water proof, not slippery, and can be worn comfortably as they have to spend long hours in the kitchen.

By following the dress code mentioned above, chefs and cooks are able to work properly without fretting over unnecessary issues in the day to day activities in the kitchen. This makes them more efficient and they are able to yield more results effectively.

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