Where Do I Get a Chef Coat in Melbourne?

You want your work attire to be a reflection of your status. Chefs have years of schooling behind them and some of them have done this their entire lives. A way to show this experience, status and respectability is to wear a suitable coat. This not only raises one’s work satisfaction levels, but also benefits the business itself, boosting its image and productivity.

The best chef coat is one to be customized in various ways, for example by having a logo embroidered on it. Nevertheless, it’s also fabric quality that matters, style, size, fit, colour and character.

Find Experienced Manufacturing Companies

When you need this kind of quality uniforms, it’s always best to buy from hospitality specialists. It’s preferable that you find someone who is not a new name on the market. Melbourne has a series of providers that can be found in its Yellow Pages, but this is not exactly the most helpful method since you should be able to see what they’re actually able to provide.

Top Chef Uniforms has been around for more than 25 years. The brand has found the formula that delivers good looks, quality and comfort. Besides chef coats, it also produces aprons, t-shirts and hats for cooks or chefs. The in-house tailors are very familiar with the European style and have adequate design skills. Therefore, customers may benefit of design services too, should they desire uniforms to meet the standards of a specific location or venue.

There is no minimum order rule, which makes it easy for anyone to get their custom uniforms. For superior branding, the company has a logo embroidery service, too. Clients may return and replace uniforms if these were ordered in the wrong size.

The company goes by the line that anything one wears is affecting their work quality and thus does its best to meet a certain standard with everything it creates.

Women’s Chef Uniforms

Women’s uniforms are a category apart due to the different requirements in terms of size and shape. A chef coat that is tailored to suit a woman’s body is far more flattering, fitting and appropriate to wear than one that isn’t. Top Chef Uniforms tailors its coats accordingly, in response to the needs of the female customer base. Clients may choose coats in various styles, with different sleeve length, collar, button line, trimming etc. The adjustments are not made for the sole purpose of better looks, but actually make the coat more comfortable to wear and to work in. This is one important aspect that is never neglected at Melbourne’s Top Chef Uniforms.

Are You a Student?

If you’re currently studying to become a chef, Top chef Uniforms has a special Student Kit for you. This includes a standard white jacket (traditional), two white waist aprons, a pair of chef pants, a neckerchief in the same colour and a box hat.

You can shop directly on the website, with no need to create an account. All orders, regardless of size, have the same shipping cost. The whole chef a

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