Women’s Chef Coat Crafted Exclusively for Female Chefs

Women’s chef wear not only needs to look professional and flawless, but also have a touch of class. This will make all the difference in the world in a hospitality business, as your clients will perceive the difference and the female employees will feel great about wearing them.

When the chef coat is tailored to suit the female body, it makes that woman feel more valued. Unisex uniforms get to level everyone, but this is not welcome by all the people. Frequently, so say they wish their work coats would be more fitting and compliment their appearance. This is why women in the hospitality industry need work clothing that’s tailored to their body figure. It spells much more professionalism and quality for a business that a non-fitting, generic coat would do.


How does a woman’s chef coat differ from the standard model? First of all, these are created with regards to the waistline and are larger at the chest. Besides this, there are additional but non-obligatory features to choose from, to embellish or give more character. Some such coats have ¾ sleeves instead of short or long ones. There are models with simple or stand-up collars, with or without sleeve pockets, with one or two rows of buttons (double breasted), with buttons in the middle or to the side, in kimono style. Chefs can choose what suits them best and what feels more comfortable to work in.

Why Pick Exclusively Crafted Chef Coats?

  • They influence work satisfaction and productivity. What you wear at work affects how you feel and how well you perform. It’s easy to see that by yourself – just carry out a small experiment and dress differently for a few days. Wear something that doesn’t suit you well and see how you feel and perform.
  • They boost a brand’s image. Restaurants, bistros and any culinary business heavily rely on their image to draw clients and keep the interested. It’s a lot better to have professional looking personnel than ordinarily dressed staff that looks embarrassed with what they’re wearing. If they don’t feel comfortable in their clothing, it shows.
  • They restore one’s dignity. As hinted before, well tailored and fitting uniforms compliment the person wearing them. On the other hand, if you make one wear generic clothing, they won’t feel as respected. Poor fitting may actually get them to feel humiliated, which is not right, because chefs are true professionals.


Specific culinary apparel is a long standing tradition. It would be a shame to ignore it and use only generic, poorly fitting uniforms with no character. Employers should allow their chefs, women included, to feel like respected professionals, not occasional employees. This is because they are not simple workers, but valued experts.

It’s easy to order proper coats online. Specialized companies now produce entire ranges of women’s chef coats in different sizes, models, fabrics and colours. Pick the right design and colouring, so that it also suits the business itself or the location.

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